Our Projects


When it comes to electrical installation services, you can’t trust just any company. We are available to ensure the work done is not only done properly, but also safely. If you are ready to get started, or have questions about the services we provide, reach out to our company today. We are here to ensure the services we provide exceed your needs and expectations.


At Boet Pretorius Electrical, we have worked to make our company a well-known name in the commercial service industry. We have done this by providing superior, reliable services, without excuses.


Large scale warehouses, factories and manufacturing buildings require skilled electrical contractors to work with them on new design-build projects, as well as equipment installations and electrical maintenance on existing buildings. With a focus on safety and quality, we provide services that continue to bring our clients back. If you are looking for a bid on an industrial electrical contracting project in South Africa, we hope you’ll take a look at what we can offer.